Fitness isn't one size fits all

Often times when beginning a fitness program, you don't know where to start. You may feel overwhelmed by information that is at your fingertips via the internet, and put off your goals. How are you supposed to know what fitness regimen to follow? Let us help you figure that out. We are here to help you identify and reach healthy goals. Why do you need help identifying your goals? Perhaps you know you want to weigh X amount, but are you sure that is a healthy range for your body?

Get Results with Small Group Training at Luna Fitness!

The new year is in full swing and new year's resolutions are either on their way to being achieved or let go at this point. Let me offer a few words of encouragement for those of you who are ready to give up. It's not too late to start! Honestly, it's never too late to begin a fitness program, and here at Luna Fitness, we have everything that you need to get started; from the moment you enter our no-men-allowed building you will feel the encouragement that our training staff provides. Take that step toward your amazing results with our small group training program.

Holiday Treats and Sweets, and Healthier swaps.

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is fully upon you, and you want so badly to indulge in all the junk that surrounds you, take a minute and remember whats at stake. Think of how far you have come and how easy it is to get off track! The trick to not completely getting off track is going to be sustaining your energy through proper nutrition, therefor avoiding extreme hunger and the impulse to over indulge that comes with it.

Holiday Hours and Class Schedule

Holiday Hours and Class Schedule

Monday 12/23
4:30am-7:30 PM
*Regular Class Schedule*

Tuesday 12/24 & Wednesday 12/25
*No classes*

Thursday 12/26
*Regular Class Schedule*

Friday 12/27
*Regular Class Schedule*

Saturday 12/28
*Regular Class Schedule*

Sunday 12/29
*Regular Class Schedule*

Monday 12/30
*Regular Class Schedule*

Tuesday 12/31
*Regular morning classes*
*Only evening class is ZUMBA from 4:30pm-6:00pm*

Wednesday 1/1

Get out of your own way!

The season starts to change, the sun goes down earlier, and the temperature starts to drop. Unfortunately with that drop, our eagerness to head to the gym tends to decrease. But now, more than ever, is the time to be staying on track. Instead of being a part of the New Years resolution crowd, focus on sticking to your daily workout routine and get yourself ahead of the crowd. The holidays create busy schedules but don't let that be an excuse. After all, you started this routine because you wanted to feel happier and healthier.


Have you promised yourself a new workout routine, a better body, or improved health? True commitment is a promise to do something and the hard work to see it through. It is easy to make promises, but following that up with hard work is where many of us fall short. A great way to increase your commitment is to be clear on your goals and commit yourself to what matters to you. Write down your goals and remind yourself of them regularly.

Giving Thanks, Cellulite, saddle-bags and Stretch marks..oh my

As the holiday season approaches and everyone is talking about being thankful for this or that, its easy to be cynical about giving thanks. As women we sometimes beat ourselves up for what we lack, and we often put other people's needs in front of our own, and feel selfish for doing things for who's thankful for us..right? Well, the answer should be YOU.

Tackle Holiday Weight Gain!

The holiday season is upon us and with that comes busy family get togethers full of food that might not be on your diet. The best way to avoid weight gain during this season is to amp up your current workout routine, especially the days surrounding the holiday. Adding in a long cardio day pre holiday will help to rev up your metabolic rate for the days to come. The day of, focus your full body strength workout towards higher rep and lower rest periods to deplete the muscles of glycogen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many of you may be stressing about the abundance of food that will be available. I like to have a holiday plan of attack so I end up with more green beans and less apple pie. One of my favorite ways to avoid post dinner sweets is to indulge in a naturally sweet side dish like sweet potatoes. Although they are sometimes over sweetened, in their natural state they have a pleasant sweetness, a low glycemic index, and contain powerful nutrients. I like my sweet potatoes baked with a simple sprinkling of cinnamon.

The group advantage!

Have you ever wanted to work with a trainer but found that it was just outside of your budget? We have a solution for you! Small group training classes are starting to form and it is the perfect way to get the extra attention from your favorite trainer while keeping the cost down. All it takes to form a small group training class is a minimum of two people! So grab a few of your gym buddies and pick a day and time that works for all of you. Our discounted group rates make it affordable and you get to meet every week!

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